Time Capsule
Interface Design
Inspired by the golden record of Voyager 1, and contemporary science fiction films, this project is  a “time-capsule” that travels from the future to caution us of social issues such as genetic design, neglect of individual identities or morals when technology is employed carelessly.

It is designed to display the mages upon finger touch as its power source. Programmed only to recognize human DNA, its audience is only modern humans in current time.
The box is designed to be held in one’s hands Each side have overlapped images, and can be viewed by turnng to each sides; the sequences of the images on the six sides of the boxes tell the the cautionary tales of how human DNA slowly mutates in far future.
Instant History


It is no longer shocking to see once venerated ancient historical monuments slowly get lost amongst overwhelming shops—a common process for modern gentrificaiton. But will memories ever be replaced by plastic souvenirs?
           This project starts with this question in mind, and set out to create an exhibition space of 3D-printed (instantly produced) architectural motifs (ancient Asian culture, i.e.), in hopes to answer the quesiton and evoke viewers to question the boundary between a consumerist privilege and progress. 



Maya Modeling,Design,
Cargo Collective
Los Angeles